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Hidden In The Woods Full Movie In Hindi Free Download

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Ater their abusive father is jailed, two sisters being raised in a remote area of Chile find they have to answer to their uncle, a drug kingpin who wants his missing product back.

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original title: Hidden in the Woods

genge: Action,Drama,Horror,Thriller

imdb: 4.1

duration: 1h 37min

budget: $90,000

keywords: drugs, abusivefather, woods, remote, chile, eatinghumanflesh, southernchile, frightfest, blood, sistersisterrelationship, rapeandrevenge, inbreeding, inbredbaby, raperevenge, grossout, backwoods, carn

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Ater their abusive father is jailed, two sisters being raised in a remote area of Chile find they have to answer to their uncle, a drug kingpin who wants his missing product back. The story of two sisters who have been raised in isolation, subjected to the torment of their abusive, drug dealing father. When they finally decide to report him to the police, he kills the two officers and is put in jail. But things go from bad to worse when the girls must answer to their Uncle Costello, a psychotic drug kingpin, who shows up looking for his missing merchandise which is hidden in the woods. Hidden in the Woods is a film that is based on true events, though this is extremely hard to believe given the gruesome content and nature of the film throughout. Within the interview that is included in the 8-page collectible booklet, the director claims the film is 70% accurate to the true events and the other 30% is his own vision. Regardless, Hidden in the Woods will keep you at the edge of your seat for the whole 98 minute run time and leave the story and some images burned in your mind forever.

The movie follows a couple of sisters and their brother who had escaped from their father, Felipe, who was a drug dealer. Throughout the years, Felipe had abused the girls and brother and subjected them to monstrous atrocities that you only read about in books. Their brother, Manuel, is deformed and had only been fed an all meat diet while he was locked in a shed. After escaping from their father, the girls and their brother all go to a cabin deep within the woods where Felipe used to keep his drugs. It is in this cabin the viewer is treated to a scene where the family cannibalizes a couple of hikers, who were up to no good, after they tried to attack one of the women. We see dismemberment, blood, gore, guts, and just about everything you can imagine. The special effects in this part of the film were very well done and made the scene seen believable.

A man named, Costello, is the leader of a drug gang and he wants Felipe's drugs, so he decides to get other members of his gang to find the girls and torture them until they reveal where the drugs are hidden. Some members of the drug gang finally find the cabin with the girls in it and start to torture them asking where the drugs are; however, they have no clue. After some more blood flies, the girls and Manuel manage to escape into the woods. The remaining two members of the drug gang go out to find them and kill them. This chase sequence is very well done and so intense, it had the palms of my hands sweating and hoping the girls would get away. Eventually, we are brought to the very final scene of the movie. The final scene is so disturbing and so bloody, at times, I had to look away. I kept telling myself, "It's only special effects.", but it was so well done, it almost seemed like reality.

I don't want to reveal too much of this movie in this review, hence, why I'm a bit vague on a few things because there are a couple of twists in the story at the end. Overall, this movie was sick, disgusting, gory, and extremely bloody, but I liked it. It was very well done and the story line was very believable, obviously, because it was mostly true. Hidden in the Woods is a movie that I recommend almost any Horror fan to watch as it's a story of survival and revenge at its most extreme. Overall, I give Hidden in the Woods a 5/5 stars. It's definitely worth buying and keeping in your collection as you may want to watch it multiple times.

Overall rating: 5/5 stars, or in this case 10/10.

Special Features:

Interview with Director Patricio Valladares, 8-Page Collectible Booklet, Behind the Scenes Featurette, Artsploitation Trailers damn what a raunchy movie. This movie falls into the small category of movies that are too nasty for me too recommend to people yet is very well made, written, and acted. The story is very good and there is quite a bit going on that it will be hard to explain without giving too much away...here's a try. 2 girls and their inbred mutant brother/son/nephew flee too the woods too hide from their psychotic father and his drug suppliers. That is the basic but there is a lot more going on, including plenty of rape, which is the main factor in deciding that I couldn't show this too anyone without a very strong warning. The movie is very violent, intense, gory, and obscene in almost every way and for what it is its all done very well. Alright that part was for people who haven't seen it, the rest of this review contains spoilers. I can't believe the different lengths this movie goes to exploit and offend. The plot synopsis made it seem like I misinterpreted some things but it looked to me like the father raped his daughter(off screen) and then she gives birth to her inbred brother/son and out of shame the father hides it in the shed where it grows up to be a mutant... That's just nasty but really every "indreds attack" movie is based off this premise they just don't have the audacity to confront their viewers with it, it makes things a lot more gritty. Then when the sisters flee the one sister becomes a prostitute. This just adds too all the nasty sexual abuse going on in the movie and its all very overwhelming, usually rape and sexual horror make me more uncomfortable than anything else. Now as if all that isn't enough, there is the side plot of the brutal drug dealers chasing after the girls, the dad breaking out of prison and then out of nowhere the sisters and brother become cannibals! This movie is ruthless as hell and even though I will probably never talk about it again, it was all well made and will not be forgotten.


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